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Birthdate:Jul 25

Species: Homo sapien vampyris

Habitat: can be found in several regions of the internet and is commonly spotted in front of the computer. may appear in certain times of theyear in "school"

Feeding habits:
- carnivorous
- has long fangs
- venom gland behind fangs are known as "sarcasm glands"
- feeds by injecting copious amounts of venom into its victims to paralyze them, then eats them alive.

Scaryness of this species may change with the lunar cycle.

Also Known As Catherine Tan
Catherine Tan; a completely different entity from ice_evanesco

16(17 on
25072008).Random.Writer.Ex-CAPper(2006 batch).DAUer (Vampyre).Currently in Pioneer Junior CollegeEx-SwissCottage Student.
Very quick in judgment of people (one idiotic move, you're out, biatch).
Born Rebel.
Totally against discrimination of involuntary things
[DEFINITION : INVOLUNTARY; race, gender, sexuality, etc. VOLUNTARY; religion,
presentation (how you appear to others), etc.] Quick to anger,but never shows
it. Can be quite violent.
Free spirit. Usually unemotional.

Usual expression; blank (blur) face.
Goth. Easily depressed by random things. Turns clingy when depressed. Gets embarrassed at the strangest things.Can act in plays, but cannot talk in front of the class without stage fright.Fluent in English.Peranakan in

Reading fanfictions
[Fav pairings: HPTMR, HPLM, SBRL, ByaIchi, ByaRen, IchiGrimm, IchiRen

Beta-reading fanfictions or fictions

(As long as I'm the first to read it, I'll be happy.)Writing.Composing random songs and poetry. Being sarcastic to
idiots who don't even understand the sarcasm.
Doodling. Learning new, random
things. Good music of any genre. Thinking of random skins to make( mainly on blogger).

Shirts with cool slogans on them like, "Blame everyone, not me." and "Attitude
is everything."

Within Temptation.
Nightwish. Senses Fail. Linkin Park. Hawthorne Heights. Chester Bennington. Aiden. Puscifer. Sarah Bettens. Julien K. A Perfect Circle.
One Republic.

Idiots who label and judge before knowing a person. Bad writing. Strange pairings in fanfictions. Super ugly art that everyone loves
but me... like WTF?!
People who take friendship for granted. Traitors and backstabbers. Social climbers who step on people on the way
up. People who act like they know everything when they obviously don't.

People who perpetually try to put others down.
Most if not all of humanity. Hip hop and R&B songs.
Blood of my blood|-

Kenneth |His blog is private|
GZG |Doesn't have a blog|
Chun Yun

Chun Mei
-Credits to-

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